The name of our company “Aristoi” (from Ancient Greek, “the best”) refers to our clients.

We do not compete for the largest number of customers or most capital. Instead, we only seek partners with a great fit with our service. Our investment activity does not require – nor does it allow – participation from our clients, which they consider positive. They want us to focus on investing, not entertaining them or writing pointless market commentaries.

We only consider ourselves successful if both our investment results and client satisfaction are among the best in our industry. This doesn’t have to be over every month or every year, but it is our aim over any reasonably long period of time. Our partners are committed for the long term, as there cannot be long-term investing without long-term capital.

We are honest, open and frank. Our reporting aims to provide our partners the same information to evaluate our performance we would like to receive if our position were reversed. In contrast to investment industry jargon or arcane risk figures, we prefer plain talk. Few of our competitors operate like this – mostly because they can’t afford to.

Aristoi is still a commercial, for-profit enterprise promoting its own service. We do not offer independent investment advice, nor do we offer many other things. We keep our fees lower than what we could possibly charge. We prefer performance fees because we are confident in our ability to perform.

We still cannot give any guarantees on our success. The only guarantee we give is that our portfolio manager invests most of his life savings alongside our client-partners. We enjoy the same successes and suffer the same disappointments. We are uniquely aligned with our clients.

Our offering does not become obsolete. There is no need or use in trying to time our service. Once our client has made the choice, there should rarely be a reason to quit, or even to look for better a alternative. The sooner our clients start using our service, the greater contribution we can make for their financial future.