Our purpose is to compound our clients’ capital at exceptional rates.

“We invest our own money alongside our clients' capital.”

Aristoi invests in publicly listed equities worldwide. We do this by applying sensible and time-tested principles learned from some of the best investors in history. Such an approach is surprisingly rare.

We base our work on the mastery of our craft, with 15 years of experience from successful investing. We invest our own money alongside our clients’ capital which makes us all partners. Aristoi has been designed investing – not marketing – first.

Our strategy is to create a stable and peaceful environment that promotes rational, independent and long-term thinking. We don’t rely on others; Instead, we prefer to do the work from start to finish ourselves. An important part of our structure is an investment committee of one: Our decision-making does not suffer from groupthink, organizational boundaries or office politics. We do not try to hide our mistakes, nor do we evade responsibility.

Aristoi is licensed under the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority for asset management, investment advice, intermediation of orders, and other comparable or closely related activities. The company finished financial year 2022 with shareholders’ equity of EUR 554,000 EUR, our minimum regulatory capital is EUR 75,000, and we are fully debt-free. The company is owned by its employees.

Aristoi in the media

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