Like all investing, also our service involves risks. Some of these are general in nature, some specific to our service. No investor should enter this or any other investment without fully understanding its worst-case scenario, and the ability to bear it.

The characteristics of equity investing include significant fluctuations in market prices: Broad market indices have at times fallen more than -50% from their highest quotations. The volatility of our own portfolio may be even greater. At times part of the total capital allocated to an individual investment may even be fully lost.

Terminating the service at an unfavorable moment or within too short a time may aggravate the loss to the client. We therefore require all our client-partners to have a high risk tolerance and ability to withstand losses for the capital invested in our services.

To the best of our ability, we strive to include all relevant information about the service in our documents. However, we are not liable for the accuracy of the information provided by third parties, nor any direct or indirect harm, cost or loss resulting from acting upon it.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative, and no guarantee of future results.