Board of Directors

Kim Karhu

M.Sc. (econ.)
Former CEO and Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Finland.

Juha Karttunen

M.Sc. (econ.), CEFA, EFFAS
Managing Partner, Sisu Partners. Formerly CEO, Mandatum.

Anna Kajander

LL.M., M.Sc. (econ.)
Sector Head, Nordic Investment Bank. Formerly Relationship Manager, Citigroup.

Antti Bergholm

M.Sc. (tech.), M.Sc. (econ.)
Portfolio Manager and CEO, Aristoi. Formerly PM, Aval Asset Management.


Antti Bergholm

Portfolio Manager, CEO
M.Sc. (tech.), M.Sc. (econ.)
Formerly Portfolio Manager, Aval Asset Management.

Jaakko Paloheimo

Vice President, Institutions
M.Sc. (econ.)
Formerly Equity Sales, OP and Mandatum Securities.

Janica Välimäki

Investment Manager
B.Sc. (econ.)
Formerly Account Manager, Infront Sports and Nordea.

Jaro Willman

Administration Manager
M.Sc. (econ.)
Formerly Assistant Controller, Nooa Savings Bank.

Nikolaos Vlassis

Investment Analyst
M.Sc. (econ.), M.Sc. (econ.)
Formerly Business Analyst, Delivery Hero.

Outsourced activities

We have outsourced some of our regulated functions to the best suppliers in the market. We are happy to provide further details on them to both existing and future clients.

Aristoi Capital Management Ltd is audited by KPMG.